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From interior to exterior, the way a building is designed has a tremendous impact on an organization’s output, efficiency and overall presence. It not only improves interaction and human experiences, it can enrich a company’s culture and boost performance long term.

WeDesignNY has developed strategic, long-time partnerships with leading architects and designers who specialize in projects of every size and scope. From early concept development to fully-engineered construction plans, our group of architects and designers present world-class, cost-effective solutions for your project. Whether you’re enhancing your office, modernizing your interior or creating a unique learning environment for students, we have the architectural experts on hand to present innovative approaches that will elevate your space.

A sampling of our architectural solutions includes:

  • Conceptual and Schematic Design
  • Design Development
  • Construction Documentation
  • New Builds & Renovations
  • Advanced Building Analysis
  • Process Master Planning
  • Green & Sustainable Design
  • Strategic Code Compliance Services
  • Project Management
  • Comprehensive Cost Estimation

As WeDesignNY partners, our architects and designers bring a personal touch to exploring the possibilities of your space, while working within your budget and size constraints. In the end, we know it’s about creating a beautiful environment with high quality materials, and providing you with a true turnkey experience.

When it comes to executing your vision, WeDesignNY’s architectural team also makes sure all the necessary paperwork is completed, and your project meets all local, state and federal requirements. At the start of every project, we make sure code compliance is in order, fire and safety rules are maintained, permits are filed and issued on time, and that any construction sets and plans are approved before ever breaking ground. Additionally, we also offer expediting services to ensure your project meets your ideal timeframe.

Whether you need a contemporary or traditional feel, we firmly believe in respecting your space and transforming it into a more vibrant, engaging environment. Contact us today for a free consultation with one of our commercial architecture and design experts.

We offer a free initial consultation with an architect whose skills and talents will deliver striking results for your school or business.

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Have questions about getting started? We’re available right now to take your call.