Nord Anglia

Project Overview

WeDesignNY was approached by Nord Anglia International School New York in 2014 to perform an extensive renovation of their school in New York City. As an international educational provider with more than 46 schools globally, it was important to give the school a cohesive look that paid tribute to their institutional aesthetic, yet was still able to distinguish itself as a New York-based organization.

With over 18,000 sq. ft. of space being renovated, WeDesignNY immediately broke ground on the location after the 2014 school year ended by gutting multiple floors and providing widespread hazmat abatement.

Much of our focus during this turnkey project was on three recognized WeDesignNY hallmarks:

1. Respecting the uniqueness of the space and working within its limitations to fully achieve the school’s vision.
2. Redefining the space with high-quality workmanship and modernizations that made the building more efficient and technology-capable.
3. Adhering to a strict timeline that would ensure completion before the start of the new school year, ensuring both students and staff could enjoy the new space.

Once the removal and cleanup were completed, the next phase involved installing a new HVAC system to ensure an efficient, climate-controlled workspace for incoming students and faculty. Cost-effective lighting installations across the structure followed, as well as new commercial-grade flooring throughout the renovated portions of the building.

While new lighting and flooring was being installed, our teams worked in tandem to construct new bathrooms for the school. This included installing new fixtures and lavatory equipment to give it an updated look and feel, while ensuring a seamless visual with the rest of the school’s renovated interior.

While these projects were underway, new millwork was also installed, as well as custom glass work to enhance natural lighting and highlight the school’s revamped interior.

With installations, painting and flooring now completed, WeDesignNY assembled a wide selection of new commercial-grade furnishings for the school. These included delivering new commercial-grade classroom furniture, conference room furniture, reception area furniture and lounge area furniture that harmonized with the space and was cost-effective.

With the turnkey project successfully completed, on time and on budget, Nord Anglia welcomed back both students and staff to the newly renovated space in September of 2014.

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