De La Salle Academy

Project Overview

In 2013, De La Salle Academy chose WeDesignNY as their partner for an extensive renovation of a six-story, church-owned building in the Upper West Side of New York City. The project included major structural changes, modernizations and safety improvements that would prepare the building for students and faculty before the start of the 2014 school year.

Because the building had been originally built in 1888, WeDesignNY wanted to ensure the original space of this historic structure was respected during the project as it was being updated. At the same time, it was also important to meet the turnkey project’s timeframe, so the school would be ready to open in August 2014.

WeDesignNY rose to the challenge. First, our team developed a comprehensive plan that included various project checkpoints to ensure on-time completion.

Using our robust project plan, the WeDesignNY team initiated construction in the early summer of 2014. We started with the renovation by removing most of the outdated interior through an extensive hazmat abatement project that prepared the space for electrical work.

After completing this phase, we brought in 400 amps of power from the street through street vaults to energize new technology that would be put into operation later in the project. Simultaneously, WeDesignNY installed a new fire and safety alarm system across the structure, including a Halon safety system in the kitchen work area we were preparing to overhaul.

The next phase involved the installation of central air skylights and gas lines to power the school’s new laboratories. Once this was completed, new sheetrock and insulation was installed, along with a fresh coat of paint in the school’s preferred colors, and completely new flooring throughout the 120,000-sq. ft. interior.

As part of the turnkey project, De La Salle Academy asked WeDesignNY to provide an assortment of modern school and office furnishings that would need to be in place before the school opened in August 2014. In addition to completing the project in the agreed timeframe, WeDesignNY delivered the furniture on time, and as a thank you to the school for its commitment to students and staff, our team donated custom millwork and lockers as a show of support.

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